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😂😂 me going off to PND-her way !! curtisdondeano

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😂😂😂😂😂😂💀 but seriously I was high but yeah ! Don’t you HATE THAT?

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an update video x @ curtisdondeano x x 

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Just thoughts that are on my mind.

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The hospital reeks of bleach.
I’m dying not b/c in dying but b/c I’m dying to see, leaves blow in a breeze or sand crawl on a beach.
My muscles are numb, I can’t control my reach. I promised I abided by all that the preachers preach.
I only asked why?
He said it was destined to be.
Destined for me? , I questioned reluctantly.
Why should I endure so much pain and hurt, why have hope when each day gets worse.
I can’t eat, can’t sleep, heard the CNAs speak my piece: ” He’s so nimble and weak. “
“Ssshhhh, girl u know he don’t sleep”
” he’s a vegetable , give him three weeks”

The opportunities I seek, the stars I prayed to reach , the burning ones, and the celebs, though they are one in the same from the magazines I read….but nonetheless I set out to be the best, now all I hear is ” close your eyes you need some rest”

A prisoner to my soul, I promise I’d sell it, you would too if you lived in a bleachy room, if only you could smell it.

The pictures painted on the ceiling bleed through my closed eye lids. The money I get from the state can’t hide fear. I’m scared to sleep, I may not wake up. My heart it beats, slow and the fast, I never get to laugh. My mouth is dry, and I wonder why?

But that’s a question you can’t ask, “don’t question god! he knows it all, ” they tell me and tell me again.

"It could be worse"
I say “that’s Tomar”, and the conversation ends.

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EMT: Video 1

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I find it bittersweet when blacks win oscars for roles such as slaves or maids, or anything else we are viewed as being our best at. :/
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